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Farm and Wildlife Management Services

MS Delta Farmland - Farm and Wildlife Management Services

  1. Negotiate farm lease (cash or crop-share) & duck leases according to the needs of the landowner.
  2. Prepare documentation required for farm and duck leases and follow up on the execution thereof.
  3. Evaluate USDA programs and sign FSA/NRCS forms and certifications on behalf of the landowner.
  4. Inspect crops and operations throughout the year and report to the landowner.
  5. Provide oversight for hunt groups under the terms of the duck lease.
  6. Crop-Share lease (if in place) : discuss sale of crops with renter and market the share with renter or separately.
  7. Make recommendations and oversee all capital improvement projects.
  8. Make sure appropriate/adequate insurance coverage is in place for the farm.
  9. Review ad valorem tax records for accuracy.
  10. Verify that ad valorem taxes are paid.
  11. On call to meet with renter or landowner as requested.

Cristopher Wilson as a Mississippi Licensed Real Estate Broker manages a number of Mississippi Delta Farmland properties for agricultural and/or duck hunting operations along with his support staff constituting MS Delta Ducks, Deer and Farmland Properties. Cris and Director of Wildlife, Nathan Peden, contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience to the landowners represented. They secure reputable farm tenants on Mississippi Delta cropland for lease as well as hunting clubs for duck leases. If you have a property that needs managing for agricultural and/or wildlife purposes, contact Cris at 662-392-8825.